Silver Maple Camp has a long history of providing Christian oriented fun, education, and relaxation for campers of all ages. SMC is a non-profit organization that has be operated since 1953. SMC exists to provide a camp experience where God is seen, His love is felt, and lives are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. SMC's leaders are commited to providing campers with an enviornment that fortifies the body of Christ.

Silver Maple conducts camps for children, teens, and the entire family. Youth camps are specially designed for kids, ages 9-18. Support is provided by college-age and older, experienced counselors. Family camp was developed for families of all sizes and ages, providing flexible schedules that accommodate for each family's needs.

In addition to camp sessions, SMC's facilities are available for hosting personal events, group retreats, family reunions, weddings, and much more!

Mission Statement

Silver Maple Camp exists to provide a camping experience where God is seen, His love is felt, and lives are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. It is committed to strengthening the body of Christ by strengthening individual members in a Christ-like setting.

It began in 1953 with the purpose of building a summer camp for youth of the Church of Christ. The scope of the ministry has expanded to include a variety of programs for various ages and interests. Our mission is to promote the ministry of the church by providing a camp setting that exalts Jesus Christ- a place where people can gather to exercise mind, spirit and body or personal growth through recreation, learning activities, fellowship, Bible study and the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Board Members

Ted Maple
(620) 353-9491
Paul Maple
(615) 498-2324
Vern Mathes
(620) 434-5535
Ryan Kucharo
(316) 227-9938
Dan Bloom
(507) 828-7811
Loretta Kuchuro
(316) 516-7926
Warren Baldwin
(620) 424-2107
Tom Turner
(620) 546-3433
Levi Turney
Dena Foutch
(785) 493-1397
David Murphy
(719) 342-9482
Dean Foster
(620) 314-9906
SMC is a replenisher to me. When my faith is weary and the spark is dying, camp ignites my faith and it explodes like a firework. Camp is my safe place amongst all the cruelties of my life and the world. It's a place where long-lasting friendships begin, and love wins...
Anonymous Teen