2021 COVID-19 Policy

The Silver Maple Camp Board of Directors has developed the following policy for the 2021 camp year surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our desire to provide a safe environment for our campers and staff. As we all know, the environment surrounding COVID-19 is always subject to change, and as such this Policy may change. It is the goal of the Silver Maple Camp Board of Directors to adapt this Policy to become less intrusive to the operations of camp if circumstances allow.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and respect of this policy as we go forward in this challenging time.

1. Sessions and events should have a 24 hour air gap between concurrent sessions/events to perform appropriate sanitization. Sessions to begin not before 4:00 PM on Sunday and conclude before 10:00 AM on Saturday. Camp directors, counselors and non-essential staff are asked not to arrive before 12:00 PM on Sunday and are asked to leave before 12:00 PM on Saturday.

2. All meals and snacks will be served in a grab-and-go format and people are asked to eat dispersed around campus. The session directors are encouraged to come up with creative ways to encourage and follow this policy. Sessions will be responsible for ensuring that food is distributed and trash is collected.

3. Cabin capacities are not to exceed 50% with 1 person to a bunk. During sessions, each cabin must have at least 2 counselors not to exceed 4 counselors.

4. Each session must have an RN on staff tasked with administering COVID-19 testing and screening and other medical needs. SMC Board will assist session directors in the coordination of hiring Nursing staff and provide funds to do so.

5. Masks will be required when they are inside buildings when they are not eating, showering or sleeping

6. COVID-19 Screening and Questionnaire must be performed and kept on file for all persons arriving and leaving camp (including campers, staff, visitors, etc). Including an affidavit stating that person has not had contact with a person whom tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days prior to arriving.

7. If a camper shows symptoms they are to be immediately isolated and a parent is called to come pick them up. Other campers within the cabin will be monitored for any symptoms.

8. If a counselor/staff member shows symptoms, they are isolated and if they continue to show symptoms will be sent to get tested for COVID-19.

9. If a camper or staff member tests positive for COVID-19 during a session, Session director will identify a counselor to conduct appropriate contact tracing procedures. All parents of campers must be notified of an active case to make them aware of the positive test. No name will be given of the camper or staff that tested positive. I have read, understand, and will respectfully follow this policy.

SMC is a replenisher to me. When my faith is weary and the spark is dying, camp ignites my faith and it explodes like a firework. Camp is my safe place amongst all the cruelties of my life and the world. It's a place where long-lasting friendships begin, and love wins...
Anonymous Teen